Quanta Computer Address News Report on " Quanta Receive iPhone Order"
 1.Name of the reporting media: Commercial Times and Economic Daily News
2.Date of the report: 2007/05/29
3.Content of the report:
Quanta receive iPhone order?
Quanta and Apple are building a tighter than ever relationships. Quanta not only manufactures NB and iPod for Apple, but also may have receive the order to make the second generation of the Apple iPhone. iPhone is a smartphone based mobile, and the second generation model shipment is expected in September 2007 with forecast of 5 million units in 2008.

4.Summary of the information provided by investors: None
5.Company's explanation of the reportage or provided information:
It is important for the Company to gain new business to sustain growth and development. However, the Company would like to reiterate that as general business conduct, the Company will not comment on specific customer,order or any types of confidential information. All business remains solid and strong as planned.

6.Countermeasures: None
7.Any other matters that need to be specified: None